July 14, Morning Update

Before dawn this morning, Lucka turned himself in at Mound road related to the eight felony charges that were announced Wednesday in court. He had supporters with him and will be arraigned via video conference at 36th District Court this afternoon. We are hopeful that by this afternoon, following the arraignment, a bail amount will be set and will be taking every step possible to get him out today.

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SUPPORT! Part of turning himself in very early this morning is to be in and out today, and thus avoid being held over the weekend. If it looks like Lucka will not get out today or tonight, stay tuned for details. A growing idea is if he is held until tomorrow, then we should try and have a presence at Mound Road on Friday to move things along. The details need to be sorted out, but stay tuned for a possible jail solidarity action on Friday in the event that he is not out today. When he does get released, he would very much appreciate dates, dark chocolate, salad, coffee, and cigarettes.

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